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Synthesis i & ii

Synthesis i – Eight Gallery 2013
Synthesis ii – Tactic Gallery 2013
accompanying essay

Claire McCluskey and Steven Maybury
accompanying essay by Jessica Maybury

Synthesis is an investigation into materials and structure. Claire and Steven have created works in response to one another’s practice in relation to ideologies surrounding the structuring of material objects. The works in Synthesis have been created to challenge our communication and perception of materials.

 Synthesis i - eight gallery installation - Murmuration2

Synthesis i- eight gallery installation - Murmuration

Synthesis i - eight gallery installation - Murmuration1

  Synthesis i- eight gallery- 3 untitled drawings install

Synthesis - Untitled drawing

Untitled drawings, synthesis i-eight gallery

Untitled Drawing8

Untitled Drawing7

Untitled Drawing1

 Untitled Drawing2

Untitled Drawing3

Untitled Drawing4

Untitled Drawing6

Untitled Drawing5

Tactic Gallery

Synthesis ii - installation, Tactic Gallery

Synthesis ii, untitled drawing, tactic gallery cork

 Untitled drawings, synthesis ii, tactic gallery