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Miscellaneous projects

A selection of works from various projects, commissions and exhibitions.

Untitled, pencil on paper, 300cm x 150cm. Fault Lines, The Patriot Hall Gallery, Edinburgh, curated by The Drawing Works part of the Edinburgh Arts Fetsival. 2017.

Untitled pencil on paper – RHA Annual show 2016

Untitled pen on paper (300cm x 150cm), commissioned and invited artwork for Tulca Festival of Visual Art in Galway
Curated by Aisling Prior- 2014

Untitled, pen and pencil on paper and ground. Little Pieces exhibition curated by Moran Been Noon, Customs House Gallery Westport, 2015

Doublespeak – pen on paper( 300cm x 150cm), RHA Annual Show 2013 and Stories to Wake Up With (2012) curated by Moran Been Noon


996pc Utha Castle Jigsaw, pen on paper and jigsaw sculpture, Conglomerate exhibition curated by Block T and  Catalyst Arts, in Catalyst Arts Belfast 2013.


Untitled, pen on paper and fire sculpture, collaboration with artist Claire Mc Cluskey in The Mart Gallery experiments 2015.