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When fools rush In and connect with the stars

When fools rush In and connect with the stars
Place: Growing Space, Weilewaal, Rotterdam
Date: 1st  – 30th March 2021
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When fools rush in and connect with the stars – Steven Maybury
(May 2020) In lockdown: there are no planes in the sky, there haven’t been for weeks. I’m standing under the skies my ancestors looked up at. My gaze is fixed downwards, towards the pavement.
Strangely, I get the feeling I’m discovering a new sky. My head down, it is as though I am an inexperienced explorer who has been launched into the flickering cosmos, reaching farther than anyone before me.
In this frictionless journey through the abrasive abyss, I am 7 billion years into a directionless past. I am standing in a time before the sun from our solar system came to be. I am standing on star dust, manufactured for me to walk among the stars. The litter nearby are the only things between the beginning of time and infinity above me.